Smart City Infrastructure Made Affordable & Scalable

You can now transform your community into a smart city through affordable subscription-based services that automatically collect data and intelligence to improve safety and reduce crime with a collaborative platform that connects citizens, the administration, and public institutions in a virtual community, powered by AI connected through Wi-Fi 6, 5G and other technologies. 

With AustinGIS™, you will benefit your community by: 

  1. Keeping your citizens safer and improving their quality of life by making them more informed and connected
  2. Proactively alerting authorities of criminal activity by analyzing audio and visual stimuli such as weapons, gunshots, disturbances and traffic; reducing crime by 40% in some neighborhoods
  3. Enhancing public well-being by reducing traffic congestion, improving air quality and conserving natural resources
  4. Implementing AI models and algorithms to identify traffic and public safety incidents and generate contextual alerts to trigger collaboration to prevent incidents
  5. Improving your traditional video security systems into AI-driven real-time, preventive methods, where communities and public safety agencies collaborate to increase safety and security  
  6. Improving safety through ubiquitous “Smart Sensing” technology-led proactive responses with collaboration between communities, businesses, and authorities
  7. Generating actionable insights from safety incidents, criminal activity, traffic violations and anomalies, traffic patterns, and citizen reports
  8. Providing your citizens a safer–and overall better–place to live

Your cost and operational benefits will include:

  1. New cost savings and operational efficiencies in all areas of your municipality
  2. Maximize existing budgets for ‘Smart City initiatives’ with innovative commercial models​ by monetizing use cases like public Wi-Fi and traffic insights
  3. Reducing all the technical and operational complexity of managing a smart city with a single XaaS to support the city
  4. Streamlining service provider management by choosing a single vendor for deployment, installation, maintenance, and updates
  5. Staying ahead of the curve in terms of innovations; we facilitate all refreshes and upgrades and ensure your city always has the most advanced equipment, technology and devices

Your environmental benefits will include:

  • Reducing your carbon footprint with AI-led real-time actionable insights to help eliminate inefficiencies in traffic and environment management, and enable better decision-making

“Our affordable subscription-based solutions collect relevant data and intelligence resulting in improved safety, reduced crime, improved connectivity, enhanced communications—and ultimately the transformation of communities into Smart Cities.”

-Rodrigo Calderon, President, Smart Cities