Smart City Infrastructure Made Affordable

The Digital Transformation of sustainable energy and utilities is being lead by AustinGIS

AustinGIS offers affordable, subscription-based, digital infrastructure and technology services to create future-ready communities that are safe, prosperous, and sustainable.

We are experts in Edge-computing infrastructure at scale, servicing communities across the globe. Offering an innovative digital-transformation-as-a-service model, we reduce cost barriers to deployment, enable multiple use cases within a single technology package, and provide an open/reusable architecture allowing for rapid scaling (and future-proofing).

Creating communities of the future that are safe, prosperous, and sustainable, will rely heavily on the mass-deployment of IoT devices and data-rich software solutions. This proliferation of IoT devices and next-generation software, including computer vision applications, requires affordable and fast response times in accessing, analyzing, and acting upon, immense streams of data.  And, the equitable distribution of these community-transforming technologies will require solutions that are not only affordable, but also environmentally sustainable, ruggedized, and deployable in low-connectivity environments across the globe. EDGE computing – placing the compute and the software at the location of the IoT sensor –  plays a pivotal role towards achieving affordable, powerful, data analysis across any connectivity environment and with minimal carbon footprint.

This equitable transformation of communities is being lead by AustinGIS.  Combining both expertise in Edge-computing at scale and an innovative digital-transformation-as-a-service.

Also see our offerings in Energy/Utilities, a core synergy to the deeper, sustainable, digital transformation of communities.


“Our affordable subscription-based solutions collect relevant data and intelligence resulting in improved safety, reduced crime, improved connectivity, enhanced communications—and ultimately the transformation of communities into Smart Cities.”

-Rodrigo Calderon, President, Smart Cities