A Digital Business Ecosystem For Smart Retailing

According to Boston Consulting Group, Store-as-a-Medium (SaaM) is considered the next $100 Billion retail opportunity. But to get it right, one must pay attention to the complex implementation details, and it all starts with a deep understanding of the end-user customers’ information, behavior, preferences and actions.

The ability to provide customers with a rich, immersive, customized shopping experience in-store is critical to the long-term health of brands and retailers alike. Our solutions are not only financially accessible because of their subscription-based/OpEx deployment model, but also provide incremental revenue opportunities through the monetization of brands’ media buys on our advertising networks.

Using the ‘’Store as-a-Medium’’ for advertising represents a significant opportunity for both retailers and brands.

Benefits to Retailers

  1. Drives sales lift of 25-35%
  2. New revenue streams
  3. Customer engagement/provides information at POS
  4. Enhances shopper experience
  5. Provides customized messages by age and gender
  6. Can change content by proximity to screen
  7. Opportunity to rotate store messages
  8. Collects store traffic and shopper data

Benefits to Brands

  1. Increases shopper engagement
  2. Provides educational/promotional info at POS
  3. Drives sales lift of 25-35%
  4. Collects traffic and customer demographic data
  5. Measures campaign effectiveness
  6. Validates advertising value
  7. Triggers content based on age or gender

Solution approach with key partners

  • Computer vision AI software
  • Digital signage and smart displays featuring anonymous viewer analytics
  • Far edge solutions to enable AI
  • SaaS investment-led pricing models