Meet Our Team of Tech Innovators

AustinGIS™ was created by leaders and captains of industry with experience at Fortune 50 brands and organizations, complex technology deployments and the creation of real-world, cutting-edge solutions that redefine how business is done.

Jose Avalos Headshot

Jose Avalos

Co-Founder, CEO & Chief Revenue Officer

Anupam Srivastava Headshot

Anupam Srivastava

Co-Founder, CFO & Head of Strategy


Ahmad Chamseddine

Chief Operating Officer

Rodrigo Calderon black and white headshot

Rodrigo Calderon

Industrial Engineer, Smart Cities

Wei Oania black and white headshot

Wei Oania

President, Retail & Education

Henry Quintin black and white headshot

Henry Quintin

President, 5G & Wireless Infrastructure

Ron Victor black and white headshot

Ron Victor

President, Industrial & Transportation

John Derrick black and white headshot

John Derrick

SVP, Engineering and Technology


Jake Masters

Technologist, Industrial

Ori Aphek black and white headshot

Ori Aphek

Technology Advisor, Drones

Ravi Jacob black and white headshot

Ravi Jacob

Company Advisor


Michael (Mike) Tessler

Company Advisor