We Make Large-Scale Infrastructure-as-a-Service Deployments Affordable & Accessible

Why AustinGIS™?

AustinGIS™ provides Digital Transformation-as-a-Service, at scale. We make large-scale IoT deployments affordable and accessible to multiple vertical industries by simplifying the process;
design, implementation, financing and maintenance is our problem–not the customers’.

As a leading tech innovator partnering with global brands such as Intel, HCL Technologies, TechMahindra, VSBLTY and RadarApp, we can deliver subscription-based IoT Infrastructure solutions (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) creating only OPEX, not CAPEX expenses. 

Our complex and large-scale offerings deliver high-impact insights and outcomes to large enterprises and governments globally. Our solutions often pay for themselves because they can help you create new revenue streams. We can also help address societal problems ranging from safety to sustainability.

We operate as a socially, environmentally and sustainability-conscious organization with a unique shared mission, shared profit and shared objective business model. We feel that this provides a win-win for all concerned. Our partners and ecosystem are all equally motivated to make something good happen with and for our customers through smart, customized solutions.

We can summarize our unique value proposition in 3 key points:

  1. We make it easy to buy a complete and complex solution. You benefit from the subject matter expertise of many companies but deal with only one.
  2. We overcome our customers’ CapEx issues by converting them to OpEx.
  3. We manage, maintain and sustain large deployments for our customers so they don’t have to.