We Make Large-Scale Infrastructure-as-a-Service Deployments Affordable & Accessible

Why Us?

AustinGIS facilitates the equitable digital transformation of communities. We help make natural resource infrastructure, retail environments, and cities, more safe, prosperous, and sustainable.

The AustinGIS mission is shared with our partners and reflected in our business model. Our innovative digital-transformation-as-a-service model is affordable and accessible to communities and industries.  We reduce cost barriers to deployment, enable multiple use cases within a single technology package, and provide an open/reusable architecture allowing for rapid scaling (and future-proofing). And our solutions often pay for themselves, through either created efficiencies (e.g., in safety or sustainability outcomes) or the creation of additional revenue streams for our partners.

In short, Austin GIS is responsible for the design, implementation, financing, and maintenance of our technology deployments, so that our partners can direct resources toward our shared objectives of more safe, prosperous, and sustainable communities.

We can summarize our unique value proposition in 3 key points:

  1. We make it easy to buy a complete and complex solution. You benefit from the subject matter expertise of many companies but deal with only one.
  2. We overcome our customers’ CapEx issues by converting them to OpEx.
  3. We manage, maintain and sustain large deployments for our customers so they don’t have to.