Scale your Digital Transformation with Business Model Innovation

The rapidly expanding technologies of Edge, AI, 5G and IoT bring transformational power to many industries. AustinGIS™ has innovated not only the use of these technologies, but also the way organizations can rapidly access, deploy and manage them–at scale.  

AustinGIS™ Solution-as-a-Service enables companies to leverage a subscription-based, OpEx investment model which allows you to rapidly deploy digital transformation solutions at scale. This approach allows our customers to address changing needs, get immediate access to the latest technology with minimal upfront investment, and leverages our managed services capabilities for the ongoing maintenance and management of your complex deployments.

Some of our ‘’as-a-service’’ solution offerings include:

  1. Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  2. Network-as-a-Service
  3. Device-as-a-Service
  4. Application-as-a-Service
  5. Software-as-a-Service

The key benefits of the AustinGIS™ Solution-as-a-Service Offerings


  1. Leverage an end-to-end architecture that has been validated and tested for performance
  2. Own, maintain, and operate the assets that are part of the end-to-end solution on your behalf
  3. Provide end-to-end managed services as a simple, turn-key OpEx-based offering
  4. Can provide a technology refresh of assets after a mutually agreed time period
  5. Provide break/fix and uptime performance management