Building Smart Cities & Transforming Companies

AustinGIS™ provides city residents, municipalities, and businesses with smart infrastructure-as-a-service—at scale.

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Our offerings provide unprecedented safety, personalized experiences, real-time decision-making and autonomous capabilities to the retail, public sector, and energy industries.

Empowering Enterprises & Building Smart Cities

We empower enterprises and municipalities to digitally transform themselves into “smart” businesses and cities.

Scalable IoT Solutions for Smart Cities & Enterprises

We offer large-scale financing and Internet of Things (IoT) technology and services at scale to the retail, public sector, and energy industries.

Words from Our Founders

We create value for our customers by making large-scale Infrastructure-as-a-Service deployments affordable and accessible. We finance the CapEx as well as provide installation and management of our validated turnkey solutions.

– Jose Avalos, Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board

We are advancing Digital Transformation with a custom DTaaS™ business model. By leveraging our partners’ global scaling capabilities and favorable capital markets to provide our customers with innovative as-a-service offerings that can significantly lower their initial capital outlay.

-Anupam Srivastava, Co-Founder, CEO