Turnkey Wireless Infrastructure-as-a-Service

The AustinGIS™ wireless solutions are turnkey and enable you to deploy a network of any size without the initial upfront investment in hardware, installation, and engineering services. Our plug-and-play solutions make it easy to get your business, institution, organization or community connected with a custom-tailored network at an affordable as-a-service pricing model.

Services are all-inclusive, including custom network design, RF planning, installation, WLAN configuration, maintenance and support. 

Our Wireless-as-a-Service offerings:

5G/Private LTE

5G Private LTE-as-a-Service offering will include 5G/LTE hardware and access to our 5G management tools for instant access. The 5G Core will leverage the proximity of the edge and the power of the cloud to deliver a complete all-in-one solution.  Services are all inclusive including custom network design, RF planning, installation, WLAN configuration, maintenance and support.

A partial list of benefits to 5G are:

  1. LTE access points deliver up to 10x wider coverage, indoors or outdoors
  2. LTE uses SIM authentication and relies on centralized encryption, by default
  3. Provides a secure, low latency reliable connectivity solution

Potential Use cases and deployment examples:

  1. WAREHOUSING AND DISTRIBUTION CENTERS: wireless connectivity at the greater range for autonomous vehicles and robots
  2. HEALTHCARE:  private mobile network connectivity for collaboration apps on smartphones assigned to staff
  3. LARGE PUBLIC VENUES: network segmentation for backstage staff operations, reserving Wi-Fi for guest services
  4. RETAIL: clean, dedicated spectrum for staff-operated, enterprise-owned devices in congested store environments
  5. K-12 SCHOOLS:  connectivity to digital deserts with outdoor wireless backhaul to student homes

Next Gen WiFi

Available WiFi technologies: Indoor/Outdoor WiFi 6 & 6Ei. Our WiFi services use the latest generation WiFi technology to provide the most coverage and best user experience in the market. Our WiFi services are all inclusive and includes custom network design, RF planning, installation, WLAN configuration, maintenance and support. The customer will receive an end-to-end solution designed to meet the deployment objective.

Wireless infrastructure use case scenarios:

  1. EDUCATION:  indoor WiFi 6 connectivity, outdoor 5G for in-home connectivity
  2. INDUSTRIAL:  IoT, warehouse autonomy, connectivity
  3. SMART CITY:  wireless infrastructure to support device connectivity and mobility
  4. INTERNET ACCESS:  provide access to the internet in communities that do not have access to the internet
  5. HOSPITALITY:  guest access and back of house operations
  6. PUBLIC SPACES:  free WiFi, public safety, IoT
Cloud computing concept. Communication network.

“High-speed wireless infrastructure and connectivity are critical for every industry sector. Unfortunately, many organizations and municipalities still lack both at the level they need. AustinGIS™ utilizes near and far edge solutions for reliable networks and solutions—at scale—to support those IoT, public safety and connectivity initiatives.”

-Henry Quintin, President, 5G & Wireless Infrastructure