Intel Spin-Off, AustinGIS™, Officially Launches!

Jose Avalos, Co-Founder, CEO & Chief Revenue Officer of Intel-spin off AustinGIS™ announces its official launch. This technology services company provides institutions, large enterprises and the public sector with IoT, smart city, digital transformation as-a-service (DTaaS™ )–through large-scale financing and turnkey solutions—at scale. Having begun operations on September 1, 2021, the company is now announcing its official launch, as well as multiple client deployments and success stories.

The technology and investment partners backing this start-up are heavy hitters that include HCL Technologies (HCL), Intel®, RADARApp/RADAR USA, Tech Mahindra and VSBLTY Groupe Technologies. These partners all help provide end-to-end technology solutions, smoother implementations and quicker and more efficient scaling to AustinGIS™ customers. AustinGIS’ large-scale financing of IoT infrastructure comes with a complete services approach to the retail, education, municipality, industrial, energy and transportation industries.

Avalos says, “We create value for our customers by making large-scale Infrastructure-as-a-Service deployments affordable and accessible. Our solutions are secure, reliable, manageable and scalable. Because we finance the CapEx—as well as provide installation and management of our validated turnkey solutions—we make it easy to buy, deploy, manage and service IoT solutions at scale.”
Anupam Srivastava, Co-Founder, CFO & Head of Strategy added, “We are advancing Digital Transformation with a custom DTaaS™ business model. Together—with our partners—we bring technology, installation expertise, client relationships, manufacturing prowess, supply chain efficiencies and, most importantly, infrastructure and project financing capabilities to empower rapid scaling while de-risking project economics.”

In terms of an already in-market solution use case, and in partnership with VSBLTY and RADARApp, AustinGIS™ deployed a community-based collaboration security solution that places the citizen at the center of public safety. This “citizen safety” program in Mexico City provides smart infrastructure capable of generating data and alerts on criminal events. The service offered an app that citizens can load onto their mobile phones to trigger an emergency response, if necessary, as well as content sharing for neighborhood watch and an on-screen panic button. The all-in-one DTaaS™ offering included outdoor mounted high-definition (HD) cameras, high intensity lighting, advanced analytics reporting, and public safety applications. This was all powered by machine learning and computer vision.

This service has proven quite successful. In fact, this deployment enabled the Benito Juarez municipality to achieve a 45.88% reduction in the incidence of high-impact crimes, and an increase in the community perception of security from 51% to 72% from 2019 to 2022, positioning the Benito Juarez municipality of Mexico City as second highest in perception of security at the national level. This is a result that has never been achieved in more than 20 years of available data and the highest positive impact within Mexico City for more than a year in a row.